Conspiracy Corner #1: The Denver International Airport

Strange Circumstances Surround DIA Construction


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A towering war horse statue with demonic red eyes welcomes visitors to the Denver International Airport. Its eyes glow day and night. Some believe that the statue symbolize the fourth horseman of the Apocalypse.

Introduction by Mason Heller

Nipher has always been a place for secrets, whether its the faded nuclear bunker signs, or the “pool” that is so often talked about by our teachers. Some may even call these conspiracy theories as Nipher staff members have continued to support the myths that haunt the school. When looking at conspiracy theories, an insatiable curiosity comes about, and people can’t stop looking for the answers. When Knightly News reporter Jane Schmidt went out to look for conspiracy theories, she became so curious that she decided to write a story about a theory beyond the walls of Nipher. Now, we bring to you our first installment of the Conspiracy Corner with a story  about the Denver International Airport.

Story by Jane Schmidt

The Denver International Airport, or the DIA, constructed from 1991-1995, is an airport shrouded in mystery. From the strange symbols to the cornerstone suggestion of a New World Airport Commission funding it, despite the organization not even existing to the unusual, near sadistic paintings around the airport, the DIA is covered from head to toe in conspiracy theories.

      The most popular theory is that the DIA has a hidden meeting space for groups, such as the Freemasons or a New World Order, both organizations suggested to be pulling the strings behind everything worldwide.

     Now, before continuing, let’s elaborate a bit on the existence of the New World Order, as they’re the most popular organization to be associated with the DIA. The New World Order is theorized to be an organization meant to try to dominate the world into an authoritarian government. Many claim they are behind many crises, political schemes, and world horrors as to them, these huge events are mere dominos to world domination.      

      These theories are supported by a series of strange buildings hidden inside the DIA that, for some strange reason, weren’t destroyed. There is, in fact, a large amount of hidden tunnels or broken down baggage systems that still exist in or around the airport. No current articles state if the baggage systems have been removed or improved recently.

     Even stranger, there are about four to five buried buildings underneath the airport, according to Business Insider and Mental Floss. Many worker statements say that about five failed buildings were built in the construction of the DIA. Instead of destroying the buildings or trying to fix them, they were allegedly buried; and the DIA was built over them, which provides interesting questions on what could be going on inside those buildings now.

     The airport is also covered in strange murals, from depictions of Nazi-like dictator figures with swords and children huddled under them to depictions of the Egyptian god of death. Many suggest the murals may have hidden messages in them, and only those in the Freemasons or New World Organization can understand them.

     Another theory, offered by Mental Floss, is that the DIA is hiding bunkers to protect world leaders. The theories say that the abandoned buildings are supposedly where the bunkers are hidden, and the failed automatic baggage system provides the tunnels to the bunkers. There’s no hard evidence towards these theories, but it still provides an interesting perspective to what the DIA could really be.