Nipher’s Blue Opinion

Will the STL Blues go as far this season?


ELLA BAUMSTARK, Seventh Grade Reporter

 You’re on the edge of your seat, waiting for the final buzzer to sound. It feels like there’s butterflies in your stomach. Then it happens. You feel a rush of adrenaline come through your body. You burst up out of your seat screaming in joy as the Blues players flood the ice. “Gloria” starts to play. 

Last season, the St. Louis Blues won the Stanley Cup for the first time ever. Although the Blues have qualified for the playoffs all but nine seasons and have appeared in the Stanley Cup finals four times, they had never won. Right now, the Blues have a record of 9-3-3. 9 wins, 3 losses and 3 OT losses and are in first place in their division. Last season, the Blues regular season record was 45-28-9, and they were not in first place.

Last January, the Blues were in last place in the NHL and they went on to win the Stanley Cup. They did the improbable and won 30 of their last 45 games to be the seventh team in NHL history to go from last place in the league to the playoffs.

“I do not think that the Blues can win the Stanley Cup again because they are having a slow start to their season and they’re not as good this season,” said Chloe Inion, a seventh grader.

Parker Stone, sixth grader said, “Yes, I think the Blues can win the Stanley Cup again; but with the loss of Pat Maroon, I think we’ve lost a chance.” Maroon had signed a one year contract with the Blues. At the end of the Blues season, his contract ended and he moved to the Tampa Bay Lightning. 

“If the Blues can win the Stanley Cup once, they can probably win it again,” said Emily McGlasson, a sixth grader.