Clubs, Yay or Nay?


Nipher’s yearbook highlights the school clubs every year.

ABI HINRICHSEN, Seventh Grade Reporter

Clubs are a great way to make new friends and have something enjoyable to do after school. At Nipher Middle School there are so many different clubs like Best Buddies Club, Running Club, Intramural Sports, and Friendship Bracelet Making Club. 

There are some clubs that students don’t know about. All clubs meet on afternoons throughout the week, but Equations Club meets only on Friday mornings at 7:15 a.m. Every club at Nipher is unique and different. “There are so many different interests that people have,”said Keke Houston, seventh grader, and she is right. Houston goes to Friendship Bracelet Making Club every month where they play games, make new friends, and create bracelets. She added,”Taking time out of the day to go to a club is worth it.”

Clubs are like a bowl of lemons. Sometimes you pick a bad one, but other times they can be splendid.”

— Hadley Kates, 7th Grade

Have you ever been so stressed out and don’t know what to do? There’s s a club for that. Yoga Club meets every Wednesday to relax. Ms. Colleen Hunter, Yoga Club sponsor, said, “ I didn’t know about doing yoga until I was already grown up, and so I just want middle schoolers to have that experience. I wanted more practice teaching students, too.” She got her yoga certification about one year ago because she wanted to teach students about relaxing and letting things go.

On a poll about Nipher Clubs, 96% of students think intramural sports is more popular then most clubs. Intramural sports is when a group of people play different types of sports throughout the week. Eight graders play their rivals at North Middle School.

“It was fun, but I think it’s more for people who don’t play soccer or for sixth graders,” says Abbey St.Clair, seventh grader, who did intramural soccer last year. At Nipher, there are different sports students can explore like volleyball, soccer, running, basketball, and ultimate frisbee.

“Clubs are like a bowl of lemons. Sometimes you pick a bad one, but other times they can be splendid,” commented Hadley Kates.