Seattle Gets its Very Own Hockey Team

Some of the proposed logos from artists.

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Some of the proposed logos from artists. Photo From –


The Vegas Golden-Knights are the new kid on the block, but only for two more years. Soon, a team in Seattle will join the National Hockey League.

While the NHL has always been for expansion, the new influx of well trained players from international countries has left a large power imbalance. While some teams are better than others because of coaching, some teams are armed with the best players in the NHL. The Washington Capitols for example have multiple players, T.J. Oshie, Alex Ovechkin, and John Carlson who regularly put up 50 point season. John Carlson already has a 40 point season, and Ovechkin is siting at a comfortable 31 points. It’s clear that some teams are just armed to the teeth with better players.

One of the proposed solutions is to expand and spread the good players around in order to balance it out. Seattle is one of the teams that many people look forward to, as it has a wide range of mascots and logos to choose from and it has a long city past to use for the creative name. While some of the name possibilities relate to the city, such as the Totems, Krakens or Emeralds, some are just simply for fun.

It is clear that the team will wear emerald green. But what will their uniforms look like? Hockey fans of young and old have been buzzing about the possibility of a new uniform to freshen up the looks of the NHL. Some teams, such as the Coyotes, have been able to freshen up their uniforms with Kachina Saturdays or creative uniforms, but some teams have lacked that.

Seattle is located in the northwestern United States of America. Since the conferences and divisions are generated based on location, the Seattle team would most likely fall into the Pacific Division. This would mean that the Arizona Coyotes would have to move to the Central Division in order to balance out the division size to eight per division. This would also lead to the addition of  games on each team, which will ultimately end up becoming an 84 game schedule.

What this means is possibly a week or two longer for games at the beginning or end of the season, putting off playoff games. This also means is that your St. Louis Blues will be facing off against this new team. With that, it could delay game times and result in more of the games ending up on the west coast, causing Nipher Students to be up late watching games. While the new team will be a refresher for the NHL, and will create a diverse prospect with the expansion draft, some unfortunate fans on the East Coast will be forced to miss out if they want to get some shuteye.