Let’s Go Look in the Library!

The library is a place to have quiet time and, of course, read.

ABBEY ST. CLAIR, Seventh Grade Reporter

You walk into the library. Tons of books surround you, but you don’t know what books to get. What do you do? You ask the librarian what the most popular books are, and she says, ”Tragic romance,” your least favorite genre, but are you going to get it? Yes, you’re going to try something new!

There are so many different genres of books at Nipher like fiction, nonfiction, tragic romance, fantasy, historical fiction, novel, science fiction, and mystery. With so many genres, what are the favorites?

“Lots of kids ask for spooky stories. Lots and lots of kids ask for what I call the tragic romance stories, things like The Fault in our Stars,” Lisa Gender, Nipher librarian says.

Many people know about all the different genres, but they don’t know what they are like and what the main themes are. Gender shared that memoirs and biographies are the least checked out genres. Memoirs are basically memories turned into a book that tells you about a person’s life. Biographies are books written about someone, but the author is not the person the book’s about. Memoirs and biographies do not get read too often and need more fingers to flip through their pages.

“The different genres are like adventures. They are all so different and exciting,” says Mia Intagliata, seventh grade.

Nipher’s library has tons of books that students come to check out every day, but the library is used for other stuff like classes and events. The library is doing a special African event where people from Africa come to our school to tell us about their country.

“I don’t go to the library to check out books that often, but I go for a quiet space and to do class work,” shares Abigale Hinrichsen, seventh grade.

Only a small number of Nipher’s total population visits the library in a day. “It depends. On some days, there’s 20 and on other days, there’s 40. So I guess the average would probably be… 35,” Gender estimates.

Mia Integliata, seventh grader, added, “I think the library should be praised. It could be used up to its full capacity. It needs more people to read all the books. It needs every Nipher student.”