School vs. Halloween

Image source: blog

MADELEINE KREWET, Seventh Grade Reporter

For most kids, Halloween is a day for trick or treating, having fun, and not stressing about the schoolwork that needs to get done for the long day that follows. However, kids at Nipher Middle School have to set their alarms for another day of hard work.

If we’re out trick or treating late, we’re just going to be really tired the next day.””

— Sydney Sharp, 7th Grade

88% of surveyed students at Nipher think that we should get the day after Halloween off.

“Halloween is a day to celebrate and be with your friends, and I don’t really think kids want to go to school after,” said Madisen Butler, eighth grader.

The majority of surveyed students at Nipher believe from past experience that teachers don’t go easier on you the day after Halloween.

“Well, last year we had a test after Halloween. Who does that?” shared Malia Thompson, seventh grader.

There is also a group of surveyed students that believe they do go easier; and instead of doing work, teachers keep you busy with crafts or puzzles about Halloween.

Lots of the students at Nipher believe that staying up late affects their learning the next day, causing them to be more stressed when they go to school.

“I get really tired, so I can’t focus,” stated Ryan Winky, sixth grader.