A Club at Our Very Own School

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JILLIAN FOX, Seventh Grade Reporter

The bell rings. Kids dash down the halls rushing to get to their rides. But some choose to go the other way and stay at school to do clubs. There is one particular club that only happens every other Wednesday. That club is Anime Club.

Students from every grade go to Anime Club to have a fun time talking about their favorite animes and mangas.  

Keira Johanns, seventh grade, said, “My favorite thing about Anime Club is getting to hang out with my friends.” 

Anime Club has met five times this year and hopes to meet more in the future. Allison Velez is a Nipher resource teacher and the sponsor for Anime Club. Velez didn’t start Anime Club. She was given it by Tim Storck, also a Nipher resource teacher. It was given to her a couple of years ago, and she has been running it ever since.  

Velez said, “Tim Storck started Anime Club as a way to make a space for kids who really liked watching anime and reading manga and drawing the characters.” Velez said she would like Anime Club to meet more often, but her schedule does not work with the club days. said that Anime is a “style of Japanese film and television animation, typically aimed at adults as well as children.” If you want to learn more about our very own Anime Club, come and visit at Nipher Middle School every other Wednesday at 3:00.