Why Do 8th Graders Not Do Clubs?


A chart shows how many surveyed kids do clubs at Nipher Middle School.

LILLY MANEY, Seventh Grade Reporter

As you are heading down to the cafeteria for your club, you notice something off. There are far more sixth graders than eighth  graders. Why is that? 

According to a Nipher survey, many sixth graders said that they do clubs at Nipher. The most popular was Star Wars Club and Chess Club. A sixth grader said, “I like Star Wars Club. The movies are fun to watch.”

That same survey found that more kids stopped or don’t do clubs by a small amount. Many eighth graders said that they used to do these clubs but have stopped. One eighth grader added, “I stopped doing coding and robotics because they weren’t fun.” 

Many surveyed eighth graders said that they don’t like clubs or they aren’t fun. A lot of this is from them having busy schedules or just not liking that topic anymore.

An eighth grader stated,  “I haven’t done any clubs because I don’t have enough time to get my homework done.” Another said, “They either disappeared, or I lost interest.”