All of Nipher’s Records Since 2005

The Nipher’s Wall of Fame is in front of the North Gym.

The Nipher’s Wall of Fame is in front of the North Gym.

HARRY BOGATKO, Seventh Grade Reporter

Have you ever thought of looking at the Wall of Fame in front of the North Gym? If not you should check it out. The wall has the best Nipher sports records from students since 2005.

Nipher’s Wall of Fame is a big part of Nipher according to Mr. Ed Bielik, one of the Nipher gym teachers. Bielik said that students should look at the wall “if you want to know a lot about Nipher history.”

The students who were interviewed didn’t really know what type of records are on the wall. Kids currently can beat those records by getting a high score on the power combine or a high record on the pacer. There are also a lot of records about weightlifting, swimming, and vertical leap.

Students think the wall should be more advertised around the school because people don’t know about it. Holden Sodey, a Nipher sixth grader said, “I think it should be on the Knightly News because I think it is important to the school.” A lot of the people who were interviewed said it should be more known around the school, but how would you do it?

Mr. Tony Grana, a Nipher gym teacher said, “If you want to make it more known, you would have to put it on announcements; but if you do that, I don’t think kids would listen to it. I think just putting it around the school would make it more known for kids.”

Some kids think that the records should be spread around the school. Some kids think that it should be in places like the south gym. Peter Bogatko, a Nipher eighth grader said, “I think it should be on every floor like on the top floor near the Health room, then on the main floor in front of both gyms, then in the basement in front of the weight room.”

Asher Wilcox, a Nipher eighth grader thinks it should be in the student center near the office.