New Polling Numbers Reveal Warren’s Decline and Buttigieg’s Rise in Presidential Campaign


Pete Buttigieg speaking to an attendee of his event (Photo Credit: Flickr)


New polling numbers from RealClearPolitics, a site that combines all of the major national polls into a national average, has put out their December 5th Poll. National averages show a sharp decline in Elizabeth Warren’s numbers over the last fourteen days, dropping from 18% to 14%. Warren hasn’t made national headlines in the past few weeks, and because of this, she has become less memorable resulting in a lack of interest for voters on the edge.

However, Pete Buttigieg in the past fourteen days has made large gains. Going from 8% to 11.4% in the polls. This is a rapid increase fueled by drama with Kamala Harris’ recent exit. What this means is that the next stage will be outlining the top candidates that will move on into 2020 contention.

Buttigieg will have made history even if he doesn’t become president. He is the first openly gay presidential nominee candidate. His diversity has made a lasting impact on the campaign, seeing if more central Democratic voters would be okay with such diversity, but he has held on to a top tier spot throughout the race.

Warren has been lacking in her game-changing ideas throughout the campaign, and Buttigieg has sustained a stark contrast of Warren with his progressive ideas. Warren also comes from a long line of experience that could put her on top of Buttigieg’s fast-growing numbers later in the race after the field has thinned out.

December debates will introduce the new candidate Michael Bloomberg. How he interacts with current polling leaders will be one of the deciding factors in his numbers and will determine the fate of his candidacy after such a late entry into the race