What Parents, Teachers and Students Think About Homework


Photo source: My Schoolworx Blog

ZOEY DANIELS, Seventh Grade Reporter

The bell rings. Straight to after school clubs, then to sports practice, quick to dinner, and then home to shower and go to bed. This is what the schedule of many middle schoolers looks like after school. There is no time for the many hours of homework needed to learn more of the material from class. So why do teachers give out homework if they know that students have many other things to do?

In an article, Jessica Smock, teacher, says that “homework is the best way to practice new skills, learn responsibility, develop a strong work ethic, and reflect on new learning.”

Homework is teaching kids more than just the subject they are studying. They are learning valuable life lessons including perseverance and good work ethics. A lot of the time, students just think that teachers are trying to make them frustrated when the teachers are just trying to help them learn the material from class so the kids do not fall behind.

What do parents think about homework? In a article, a mom in Wyoming says that “no child should have to spend 12 hours a day working when adults are not expected to do that. They need rest and they need creative time.”

Parents sometimes think that their kids are overwhelmed with the amount of homework they’re given. Kids can often be up late studying and working on schoolwork. The parents would like to see their children go to bed early so they can get plenty of sleep and maintain healthy habits; but with pages of homework to do, kids often fail to achieve this.

Students seem to have a different opinion on homework. In a TocaBoca article, sixth grader Stella said, “Homework would be OK if we didn’t have so much of it.” If the students had less homework, they might be able to learn and remember the work better because they are not stressed about just getting the homework done; and they can focus on actually comprehending the material.