Proximity Impacts Use

Nipher Students’ Time in Student Center Varies by Grade Level

Niphers Student Center is full of comfortable places to sit and relax. (Photo by Reagan Dolan)

Nipher’s Student Center is full of comfortable places to sit and relax. (Photo by Reagan Dolan)

Even though it’s the welcoming entrance to Nipher, some people think the Student Center is not a welcoming place. It may be disruptive; but sometimes it’s productive. Sometimes students exert effort; but other times, they rest and relax.

Sixth grade teachers mostly use the Student Center due to proximity. Unfortunately, seventh and eighth grade teachers and students are on the opposite side of where the Student Center is. Therefore, sixth graders have the most exposure and experience down in the Student Center. 

Dr. Laura Havener, principal for seventh grade said, “The Student Center is actually used pretty frequently by sixth grade teachers.  I think this is due to proximity of those classrooms.  It has also been nice to use for school-wide projects like our Nipher float for Greentree.”

Jenny McPheeters, Seven North math teacher, pled, “I would be open to going down there more often, but I feel like for my class you can’t really teach down there.” Other math teachers use the Student Center.  Laura Schowalter, Six South math teacher, uses it often; but then again, she’s a Six South teacher.

“If you are in discomfort, you will not work at your potential,” says Powerful Learning Practice website ( Working with comfort will make you more successful. Therefore, the Student Center is a little more than the welcoming entrance to Nipher.