Her Journey To A Teacher

Anna Miller, A Science Teacher At Nipher, Gets To Fulfill Her Dream!


Julia Cantrell

Anna Miller has been teaching sixth grade science at Nipher since completing her student teaching in eighth grade earlier this year.


Anna Miller, from TA to teacher. Helping out, learning, and teaching. She became what she was destined to be.

We interviewed Miss Miller about the basics of how she’s doing here at Nipher; and some of her answers were quite surprising, funny, and expected.  Miller, who some students think is a super nice and hard-working teacher, started from college at Southeast Missouri State.

For as long as I can remember ever wanting to do anything, it was always to become a teacher.””

— Anna Miller, Nipher Science Teacher

Miller knew she was destined to become a teacher whenever she was really young. “I’ve wanted to become a teacher ever since I was really little. My mom was a teacher; and from a really young age, that’s something I knew I wanted to do, too.”

We also asked her if there was any other career she wanted to pursue, but she said this. “I have always wanted to be a teacher. For as long as I can remember ever wanting to do anything, it was always to become a teacher.” Some students may find this inspiring, that a person can choose their life’s dream at a young age.

We also asked her if she liked Nipher so far. “I do. I love being at Nipher so far. Going from eighth grade to sixth grade, it’s a bit of a jump; but I’ve had a great experience in both so far. I’m very happy to be here,” explained Miller. It seems that Nipher students and staff are doing a good job of making her feel welcome.

Last but not least, we asked if she wasn’t a teacher, what would she want to be. “If I weren’t a teacher, it’s kind of funny, my dream job was to be a zookeeper.”