Businesses Change Production Focus to Support COVID Fight

St. Louis Company Weissman Trades Dancewear for Healthwear


Image by A.J. Mast for GM

General Motors is one of several automobile manufacturers who are retooling to produce ventilators during the coronavirus outbreak.


2020 has been a weird year from the drama between the U.S. and Iran to the fires in Australia and now the coronavirus. Companies around the world are trying to stop this global pandemic. We have people willing to help anywhere from big business to small local companies producing thousands of face masks to help others.

   Car manufacturers such as Ford and Mitsubishi Motors that make motors and cars are now producing life saving ventilators. GM and Ford are making medical equipment such as masks for hospitals. Gucci, according to, is now making face masks and thinking they’re going to make a total of one million.

   According to the World Economic Forum on, Amazon is only shipping essential needs to France and Italy. They are also donating five million dollars to local businesses in the Seattle area. Amazon is a co-creator of the COVID-19 response fund, along with the leader Microsoft. Facebook is also donating 20 million to relief efforts.

   A St. Louis company, Weissman, normally manufactures costumes and dancewear to ship across the globe.  Due to COVID-19, they have recently shut down costume manufacturing to help the greater good.  5,000 masks and 4,000 gowns are now cut and sewn daily for hospitals and nursing homes in the St. Louis area. Seventy factory employees will continue these efforts until all healthcare providers have what they need to stay safe and healthy.

A way you can help is to make homemade face masks and save the store bought ones for medical staff. Remember that we’re all in this together, so play your part by washing your hands, avoiding others and wearing a face mask. There’s a quote by J.R.R. Tolkien that says, “There is some good in this world and it’s worth fighting for.” You can be the good in the world. Stay safe, and be smart.