Why Did Thaddeus Moss Go Undrafted?

OpEd: Son of Football Great Picked Up as Undrafted Free Agent


Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

LSU tight end Thaddeus Moss is poised to become an NFL great after signing with the Washington Redskins.

CARSON VAHL, Reporter/Anchor

There were many NFL stars that were draft hopefuls this year. Some were obvious like Isaiah Simmons, Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa and others. But one man who declared for the draft had an extra special legacy.

Tight end Thadddeus Moss, son of former football pro Randy Moss, was not drafted and later signed with the Washington Redskins. So, was he overlooked or overrated?

Most NFL fans who don’t watch too much college football, maybe just a few games and the national championship, would be shocked that Moss went undrafted. He played great last year and performed in the biggest college football game with all the lights on him.

Why wasn’t he drafted? It was probably because of Moss’ injury that caused him to need surgery on his broken right foot. Also, in college when he transferred to Louisiana State University, he broke his left foot and had surgery on it as well. He only played one full year for an SEC team. If I were to guess, scouts probably wanted him to play his senior year to prove that he is not a one hit wonder. However, he will now have the chance to make an impact on the game like his dad did all those years ago.

 Let’s just watch Thaddeus Moss carefully and see what happens.