Musicians Cancel Tours, Delay Albums Amid Virus Outbreak


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Concert venues remain empty as musicians find ways to keep working during new health regulations.

BEN WILLIS, Reporter & Sound/Camera Technician

Musicians have been highly impacted by COVID-19, from not being able to play in places to suspended tours and delayed albums. They are still finding ways to get their music out to the public through online performances and just reposting old concerts so people will stay at home and watch them.

According to, some musicians have started teaching new students online. Bassist Steve Whipple says. “A lot of people are stuck at home. So I thought I could connect the two populations, you know, we’d help the musicians who don’t have work.” Whipple joined with a couple of friends to launch “Maestro Match,”  an online system for matching music teachers with students around the world.

Some bands have just finished new albums but not released them. Albums that are almost done remain unfinished because band members can’t really work on the new albums anymore. It’s now delayed because they can’t record in a studio or meet up and work on the album together.