Opinion: Board Games Fun When Stuck at Home


Chess and other board games can be a fun way to pass the time with friends.

This week’s recommendation is board games. Board games are great. You can get anyone to play, and you don’t have to worry about batteries.

Chess is a  wonderful board game. You can have so much fun with it, especially if you like the concept of war. It really is the game of the ages. You can either make quick work of your opponent or make the battle drawn out and long. I would recommend playing the game with lots of friends. Some might think the game is boring, but it really isn’t. Just give it a try. Paired with a nice drink on a cool day and chess is one of the best games, in my opinion.

Chess is a  wonderful board game…. You can either make quick work of your opponent or make the battle drawn out and long.”

— Bradley Goodrum - KN Web Reporter

The next one is the game of Life. If you’ve never heard of or played the game before, it’s essentially you and other people trying to live life on the board. Everything that you do in life, you can do in the game. It’s also very interesting to see how some people choose to play the game. Even though the game does last for a while, it can be very fun. However, if you play it with someone who is cheating, the game becomes unenjoyable. But overall it’s a very good game. I would recommend it to everyone. 

If a store bought game isn’t your style, you can make your own game to play. Remember just to have fun and stay safe during these days at home.