Fiery Destruction on West Coast

Will there be hope to take back some land, or will wildfires keep burning?

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People in California are currently being hit hard by wildfires likely because of lightning storms, suspected arson, and a series of accidents, all made worse by climate change.

  •  Pacific Gas & Electric, the nation’s largest electric utility, shut off power to 11,000 customers beginning at 4 a.m. Sunday and planned to cut service to another 54,000 customers by 8 p.m. CBS said in news on September 27. 
  • According to the  National Interagency Fire Center. 44,000 fires across the United States have burned more than 7.1 million acres this year, 
  • According to CNN as of October 5, “There have been more than 8,200 wildfires in California this year. More than 16,500 firefighters continue to battle 23 major wildfires”
  • It took about 14 hours for the Glass Fire to burn through more than 2,000 acres, according to an incident report from CalFire.

Red Flag warnings for extreme fire weather conditions have been issued for the northern and central areas of California on several occasions, the National Weather Service said. Similar warnings were in place for parts of Southern California’s San Bernardino and Riverside counties on Monday.