President Trump vs. COVID-19


President Trump removes his mask and declares that he is feeling well after treatment for COVID-19.(Image source: Nikkei Asia)

President Donald Trump, like millions of American citizens, contracted COVID-19 during this pandemic. It was tweeted that he and First Lady Melania Trump had tested positive on Friday, October 2. He was later admitted to Walter Reed Hospital in Maryland as a precaution. Most believe that the President’s condition was much more serious than what the public was told, and he still appeared to not be taking the proper precautions needed to keep everyone around him safe.

It remains unclear how and where Trump contracted the virus, and White House doctors and officials did not disclose when the president last tested negative for COVID-19.

After spending three days at Walter Reed Hospital, Trump returned to the White House on October 5. His symptoms were described as relatively mild and not to be worried about. The president himself assured that he felt fine, though some doctors and reporters disagreed. The doctors that said Trump was fine also said that he had been treated with medicines typically used for patients with more serious COVID-19 symptoms, like dexamethasone along with other experimental treatments for COVID. The president also required supplemental oxygen on more than one occasion.

More than two dozen of Trump’s political allies and White House staff also tested positive for the virus. The majority of people in his debate prep team tested positive. That raised the concern of whether or not he had already tested positive and chose to disregard it. 

The president and his wife are okay now and have recovered. There are a total of at least 10.1 million cases in the United States and at least 238 thousand deaths. Due to the continued growth of coronavirus cases, people all over the United States are encouraged to follow CDC guidelines and wear a mask.