Song, Show You Might Like


TXT’s “Blue Hour” is a song with happy lyrics. (Image source: Wikipedia)

Here we are back with another Crew rec this week! Today I narrowed down my recommendations to two things, a song and a show. Since I can’t decide on one, I’ll just do both.

A song I’ve been listening to very often is, TXT’s “Blue Hour.” It’s an upbeat song with happy lyrics and beautiful visuals in the music video. Honestly, if I could I would recommend their whole discography; but for now we’re going with just one song. According to theories of the TXT +U, (The universe where their music videos lie.), this mv is a happy dream or memories of life before everything starts going wrong. In a recent award show, the MMA’s (Melon Music Awards) gave away a slight spoiler to TXT’s next album. The title is “The Chaos Chapter.” Look forward to it!

Now for a show. “The Promised Neverland” is an anime with a wonderful plot, soundtrack and animation. It tells the tale of an orphanage of children with no child above the age of 12. Kids leave when they get adopted and don’t return ever. Eventually three of the children discover something sinister and decide to do something about it. It has one season with a new one coming out in 2021. Give it a try, and maybe you’ll like it.