Winter Break Can Still Be Fun During a Pandemic

Pandemic limitations create new opportunities for fun during winter break.

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Pandemic limitations create new opportunities for fun during winter break.

This has been quite a rough year. Despite the fast-spreading virus all around the world, people don’t have to give up on their winter break fun. With just one click on the internet, tons of great COVID-19 safe ideas for a winter blast pop up in several sources. From snow angels to baking a new recipe to cozying up by a fireplace, the winter crafts and activities never stop!

The pandemic is becoming exhausting for many people. Even though everyone is ready for this lockdown to be over, winter fun still needs to be COVID-19 safe. CDC recommends that people stay at least six feet apart and to wear masks in large groups. Remember to wash your hands with soap and water often, and try avoiding crowded indoor spaces. With these precautions, people are much more likely to stay safe from COVID-19 and still have fun.

It can be hard to keep your traditions and stay distant at the same time, but one amazing thing called “virtual celebrations” can change all of that. Grab a blanket or two and put on some fuzzy slippers. Cozy up with your computer and virtually enjoy your original traditions online. You can participate in an endless amount of winter activities while talking to your loved ones on FaceTime or Zoom. You can make gingerbread houses or sip a nice, warm cup of hot cocoa. You could bake a pie or work on some puzzles by the fireplace. 

Some people may not have available sources to do costly activities during the upcoming break, but there are still some exciting COVD-19 safe ideas that fit a tight budget. If it snows around where you live, snow angels and snow forts are simple but fun to do in the chilly outdoors. If you have a book, find a warm place and read with your favorite drink or snack. Something anyone can do is begin to make your New Year’s resolutions. This year has been an endless line of crazy events, and many people are excited to start a fresh, brand new year in 2021. 

Even though families and friends are disappointed that they may not be able to see each other in person this year for the holidays, that doesn’t mean they still can’t have fun and enjoy their winter. No matter where you live, there is a long list of activities to do while keeping your loved ones safe and COVID-19 free.