Pets & the Pandemic

Over the course of the pandemic, humans are not alone in being affected. Pets all over the country and even the world have felt the impact. Many people have invested their energy and time at home into getting a new animal friend.

During the coronavirus pandemic pet adoption numbers have increased drastically. says: “Due to a major spike in pet adoptions and families spending more time at home with their pets, we’ve experienced unprecedented growth this year with a 12x increase since 2019.” This shows that with people staying at home during lockdown, they have been investing in a furry friend to keep them company. also says that online pet food sales increased by 77% in March of 2020, the month that the nation closed down.

Some shelters have had trouble with empty cages. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, some shelter workers were and are worried about many pets being sent back after people start work again. Pets may be too much to handle while people start to go back to work. This will be an issue because there may be a chance that shelters are overwhelmed with animals.

The reason so many people are choosing to take in a furry friend is because people are especially alone during this time due to safety precautions. Since animals are able to stay safe from the virus, they are a great alternative to being with people who could potentially spread the virus. These animals are a great source of company while they are stuck at home.

Pets also encourage physical activity because they need to be walked and played with, which keeps owners up and running to take care of their animals. This is a good thing because without these pets, their humans would be less motivated to get up and get active, which is what they need. While people are stuck at home, it is important that they find a way to stay active, though it may be a challenge.

Overall, pets have affected many lives during this unexpected time by keeping people company, and keeping them active.