“Chicken Out” About to Go All Out With a New Location in Kirkwood

A new restaurant is moving into town. How will it compete with the other restaurants in the area? We will have to wait til the summer of 2021 to find out.

Chicken Out the home of the fast-casual, pressure-fried chicken sandwich, will be expanding its horizons to 10463 Manchester, Kirkwood. The only other location in St. Louis can be found in the Delmar Loop.

The owners are not only excited about the new location but also having the opportunity to connect with the community of Kirkwood.

“While we’re of course focused on making fried chicken we put a lot of stake into the values of our company.” Ben Hillman says in a Feast Magazine article. “The core of that is taking care of our people, giving them opportunities to grow, and building the communities we work in.”

The new location will allow you to have your food picked up, delivered, and there’s even a drive-thru window for fast service.

The menu is expected to stay the same. They’re continuing to focus on their distinguishing pressure-fried chicken sandwich with pickle chips. Alternate options include Mo-Parm-Mo-Foul, Cheep and Cheddar, The Fit Chick and the Chicken Club. There are also three salads that all contain chicken.

Julia Calleo

The new Chicken Out location is a part of a longtime project, however there is no exact opening date for the new Kirkwood location. Hillman does hint to opening 10 locations across the metro area.

“For bringing better fried chicken sandwiches to the rest of Missouri and beyond.” Hillman says in the STL Magazine article.