Staff Choice: Missouri State Parks to Visit

Hiking, swimming, camping, fishing, and more. There are many things you can do at Missouri’s 91 State Parks. Which is why you should take a trip to one or more of these parks.

One State Park in Missouri is the Elephant Rocks State Park. The boulders at Elephant Rocks were formed 1.5 million years ago and are still here today. Some boulders reach up to 27 feet tall. The Braille Trail is an easy way for people with visual or physical disabilities to tour the rocks, making Elephant Rock State Park an enjoyable place for everyone.

Another state park in Missouri is the Johnson Shut-Ins State Park. The rocks at Johnson Shut-Ins were formed over a billion years ago by volcanic activity. The river eroded the sides, making the sides more steep and the valley shut-in. Swimming in the shut-ins is another fun activity to do. This makes Johnson Shut-Ins the perfect place to visit over a summer weekend.

The last state park example is Ha Ha Tonka State Park. There’s a one-century-old castle ruins that overlook the Great Lake. The castle was built by a wealthy businessman on a 250-foot bluff. Ha Ha Tonka State Park is also home to Missouri’s twelve largest springs and many hiking trails. All of this makes Ha Ha Tonka State Park a great place to visit.

To conclude, Missouri State Parks provide a variety of many things to do. Elephants Rocks, Johnson Shut-Ins, and Ha Ha Tonka State Parks are a few of Missouri’s many state parks that can serve as a fun activity to do over the summer, fall and winter months.