Jackson’s Tech Corner: How to Build a PC

Honestly building a PC is pretty tough and confusing. But if your looking to build one, you have come to the right place. There are 2 parts to the process. These two parts are gathering the parts and building the PC.

1) Gathering the Parts

There’s a lot –and I mean a lot of configurations of PC builds. I suggest a website called pcpartpicker.com. However, you must do a decent amount of research so you know all the parts decently. The website above is  full of all the parts, their price and where to buy them. Each part is used for something different, such as the motherboard, graphics card, processor, RAM, hard drive, power supply, and case. Also on the website there’s an area you can check to see if your PC part list configuration can work together. There a lot more extra things you could buy, like extra fans or another graphics card and an SSD.

2) Building the PC

Next is building it which is the harder of the two parts. I suggest getting all of your parts in one area and watching a video telling you how to put it together. Make sure to listen to the video very closely. Nothing can truly go horribly bad, unless if you pour water into your power supply. You also have a very small chance of getting physically hurt. Make sure when building your PC that you’re careful and take your time.

Once you finish you can pat yourself on the back because you just built your own PC. Custom PCs are in fact better than prebuilt because pre-built use most of the money on RGB/Lighting. Custom PCs are cheaper and you can make them better with the custom configuration you’d like.