COVID-19 Cases Surpass 100 Million Worldwide

At the start of 2020, only a few dozen COVID cases had been identified outside of China. Now, nearly 12 months into the global pandemic, worldwide coronavirus cases have surpassed 100 million. 


The COVID-19 virus has been a threat to countries all over the world for the past year as the number of infections has been growing and new, more contagious variants of the virus have taken over.


After 11 months, the world recorded its first 50 million COVID cases, now only three months later, cases have doubled to 100 million. Almost 1.3% of the world’s population have been infected, leaving over 2.1 million dead. According to the World Bank figures, one in every 76 people has now had the virus. On average, around 668,250 cases have been reported each day since the start of the year, and one person has been infected every 7.7 seconds. 


The United States makes up about a quarter of the cases with over 25 million cases and over 400,000 deaths. The U.S. has the highest daily average number of deaths reported in the world right now, accounting for one in every five deaths reported worldwide each day. Luckily, the vaccines in the U.S. have been rolling out relatively well in comparison to other wealthy countries. Infectious diseases expert Anthony Fauci has stated that the U.S. “can and should” vaccinate 70-85% of adults by the end of summer, which could mean some things going back to normal by fall. 


With COVID cases rapidly increasing every day, it is important to do our part to stop the spread. Make sure to wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, and keep a safe social distance at all times.