Jackson’s Tech Corner: Keyboard & Mouse

A keyboard and mouse another crucial step for a gaming setup. Now, having a keyboard and mouse depends on whether you play with controller, or with a keyboard and mouse.


Moving on, let’s talk about the keyboard. I split up keyboards in two ways. One of the two ways is if the keyboard is mechanical or membranes.  A way I separate mechanical keyboards is one is not hot swappable and one is. What I mean by that is that a mechanical keyboard is made of three things: the frame, key caps and switches. Depending on what keyboard you get is whether you can swap your switches with other switches. A switch is the reason why when you tap the key cap/key it makes the noise. The reason people choose to change their switches is so either they can make it easier to press or louder noise output.

Overall I would choose a mechanical over membrane, because membrane keyboards are usually not as well made as others. However, they can be cheaper than mechanical. They also doesn’t feel nearly as nice and smooth. Membrane keyboards don’t have switches. They use a rubber dome and the key goes on top of it. The keyboard and brand I recommend is Steel Series. They have all sorts of different keyboards. For a single type of keyboard I say the GK61. It’s reliable and decently priced.



For mice, there’s so many and it’s also just that person’s preference. I say to first go for a cheaper mouse and stick with it for awhile and if you like that type of mouse then over time you can buy the better made more expensive version of it.

The mouse brand that I recommend is the same as the keyboard brand: Steel Series. They have all sorts of well made mouses. A quality mouse that I’ve hear is really good and cheap is the Glorious Model-O.