Mizzou Tigers Limp into Postseason Tournament

For the first time since the 2013-2014 season Mizzou was ranked 10th in the country. However after being highly ranked a couple weeks ago, they fell to 24th, dropping them 14 spots. As of March 4, the Tigers are unranked.


 After losing four out of the last five games, Mizzou is on a path to keep on losing. Mizzou has a record of 15-7 and a conference record of 8-7 in the tough SEC. They are currently unranked and expected to come into the SEC tournament as a 6th seed. 


Nevertheless, Mizzou’s junior guard Xavier Pinson leads the team in points per game (ppg) with 14.0. However, he is only shooting a struggling 40% from the field along with 32.4% from 3.


In addition, senior guard Dru Smith is leading the team in steals with 1.8 per game and assists with 3.7 per game. He’s shooting around 44% from the field and a comfortable 38% from 3.


The Tigers started the season 6-0, and then were 13-3 when they reached a number 10 ranking.


For the first round of the SEC tournament, Mizzou will play LSU at 2PM on Saturday, March 6.