Jackson’s Tech Corner: Monitors

First things first: a TV and a monitor are two very different things. While a TV is used for watching shows or movies, monitors are mainly meant for performance and speed.

Most gaming monitors try to give more hertz (number of cycles per second) and P/progressive scan (the “painting” of an image on a screen). For gaming, I suggest 1080p 60 or 144Hz for the best and most cost-efficient experience.

Monitors can come in plenty of sizes. Some are curved, which means that the screen is curved at an anlge. Also, you can get a monitor mount. A monitor mount is screwed to your wall and you mount you monitor (or TV) to it. This is very helpful because it leaves you much more desk space for your keyboard and mouse.

Another plus to monitors is that -if you have a PC- you can dual screens with a monitor. You can only do this if you have an adapter and an extra monitor that you can plug it in to your PC. Once you do this, boom, you have two screens to do whatever you want. You can multi-task or just play music and games, or even stream on a channel. However, you cannot do this with a console.

There’s not many brands I could find for gaming monitors, but I definitely recommend ASUS. They have quality monitors for fair prices.