Returning to the Movie Theaters


Many movie theaters are starting to reopen after long months of lockdown. The COVID-19 virus is still existent, which can make going to the movies seem more difficult. However, Marcus Theaters,
AMC, and many other theaters are trying to make going to the movies a safe and enjoyable experience. shares with us many health and safety guidelines found in movie theaters. Some examples are required masks, social distancing, reduced capacity, air filtration, frequent hand-washing, hand sanitizer, enhanced cleaning, employee health training, modified concessions, mobile ticketing, and staying home if not feeling well. Following these guidelines will make your movie experience more safe and enjoyable.

There are a lot of guidelines that you can only find in movie theaters. One example is reduced auditorium capacities. The AMC uses ticketing technology that blocks the seat next to your selection to allow for social distancing. Another example is requesting condiments. To reduce touch points, condiments are now available by request. Lastly is food and drinks in the auditorium. Many theaters allow food and drinks to be consumed in the auditorium. Though this may be true, the local or state mandate may not allow this. These guidelines provide a unique experience.

Many theaters provide the option to rent out an entire movie theatre. Marcus Theaters has this option. The cost of renting out a theatre is around $100 and you can bring as many as 20 people. Renting out theaters is a great way to have a fun and safe social gathering.

To conclude, movie theaters have many ways to make going to the movies a safe and pleasurable experience. Theaters follow the required local guidelines, and some have their own unique guidelines.

Though COVID-19 still exists today, movie theaters reopening shows the world is somewhat returning to normal.