Can Students Trust Their Lockers?


Collin Callaway, Web Editor & Reporter

What if one day you came back to your locker and everything was gone, your phone, money, and all your belongings stolen right from your locker? This is a surprisingly common situation that students in the U.S. find themselves in. Although it’s easy to blame the thieves, maybe it’s something meant to protect your things. Maybe it’s your locker.

Many students report their belongings are missing or stolen from their lockers. Lockers aren’t always secure and can be broken into easily if not properly closed. Gym lockers are most commonly broken into as they are often left unlocked, and schools aren’t legally allowed to video record locker rooms. In order to protect belongings inside, students must push their lockers closed on the top, middle, and bottom parts.

Sometimes, it isn’t the student’s fault. Students may do all the right things, secure their lockers perfectly; and still their stuff gets stolen. This is often times the case as some lockers fail to close due to aging or humidity in the locker. A great solution to this, being implemented across the U.S. is to have HDPE (high-density polyethylene) lockers. HDPE is a solid plastic that is resistant to scratches, dents, and graffiti. One big bonus of having this extra measure of security is that schools can implement them in locker rooms where security is sparse.

Occasionally, it won’t be a student who steals from schools. It might be an outsider that finds their way through the security system and steals items from students. This was the case at Nicolet High School in Glendale, Wisconsin. Two thieves signed in at the front desk, blended in with students, stole items from locker rooms, and left through a side door escaping in a stolen car to yet another high school. This lack of security is frightening not just for people in Nicolet High School, but for high schools nationwide as it shows an extreme lack of security in the school system.

Overall, schools may need to take extra measures toward securing their students’ things. Whether it be security cameras, HDPE lockers, or being more careful towards outsiders, students’ items should have the protection they deserve.